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  • Thraes Deities

    Asgardian deities are listed below and are taken from Norse Mythology. Demihuman Deities are below.

    *Aegir* _NE God of the sea and storms. Domain: Tempest_ Aegir is the god of the sea, and Loki’s brother. He was both worshipped and …

  • House Rules

    Races allowed in the campaign include elf, dwarf, gnome, human, halfling, half-elf, half-orc. There are drow in my world, but the non-evil ones were killed and eaten long ago. Start a character off with 27 point buy. No evil characters please. I …

  • Thraes Mythology

    *Asgardian Mythos Overview* The Asgardian pantheon is a large one with gods both good and evil. Celestial beings come from several different groups - the Aesir are the "human" deities and include gods such as Odin and Thor. The Vaenir are the …

  • Thraes Timeline

    This is general information anyone with training in history would know.

    The Golden Age

    When men strove to be gods
    Long ago, there was a vast and advanced civilization with a control of magic beyond the ken of normal men. But …