Knights of the Last Stand

The Knights of the Last Stand are an ancient order, it’s beginning lost to the sands of time. While many members are followers of Heimdall (watchman of Asgard and guardian of the Bifrost bridge), the Knights welcome all followers of the gods of the light including followers of other Aesir, dwarves, elves and the occasional halfling and gnome.

They stand against darkness and destruction, and in particular Loki and his followers. In Cosatoria, they have a special goal of containing Gungdryn and preventing his return.

While there are rumors of a sect of the Knights far to the north, in Cosatoria most have learned of the Knights of the Last Stand from dusty tomes after the order was outlawed by Livianus Gratianus (the last emperor of the Emorian empire) in 912. When the empire fell into chaos in 917 with Gratianus’s death, most of the knights were slain when they tried to broker a peace between the various factions.

There are rumors of other knights, but when the knights disbanded and were hunted down, each sect did not know much of the other for their own protection.

The Oath of the Knights:
Last to stand against the darkness.
Last to stand against the chaos.
When light is all but gone, we shall stand.

Knights of the Last Stand

Cosatoria Aljergensen