xs-1216-05-18 Vall Diary Entry 1

Vall’s Diary

After a bit of a spat with Sinbad, my step son decided to leave the group. I found his lack of respect and care for his late mother and surviving sister rather disturbing. In any case, we found a new comrade in Octavius joining us in our newest endeavor.

We were joined by our employers one night. They provided a delicious meal for us to feast upon. However as some servants brought in the turkey, I could literally hear Wynn whimpering.

We were told that there was a break in at one of their warehouses. However, what they took was rather strange. Some herbs known to ease child birth and some bone meal. I have known the herbs could be of some use in some rituals, but bone meal is used in a lot of concoctions, so it is too difficult to tell what it would be used for exactly.

We went to the warehouse and met with the manager, Antonio. He told us he knew the man who was on guard that night, Larson, and that he would have never done this. However, it was suspicious that there wasn’t a visible sign of forced entry.

Lawny took a look at the door, but due to here short stature was focus a bit on the bottom of the door. However, I noticed some oil based paint on the door, where the bar went across to secure it. When we searched the area where the items stolen were placed, we determined the culprits must have been looking for specific ingredients. The ingredients were buried under much more valuable items.

A more in depth search of the area turned up some blood. We presume from the guard, but there was no way to be sure.

We exited the warehouse we decided to visit the art fair taking place. Since there was paint on the door, it seemed only fitting to look for clues there.

When we approached the guards at the gate, we were told to give the guard a profile view of us. The guard at the gate, Arnisto. He didn’t know why we were to do this, but they were told by Blake, the guard captain, that everyone should do this. When questioned further, he divulged the fact that a mad man interrupted the fair as it was being set up earlier, crying about living paintings. We quickly asked where this man was placed, and asked to talk with him. The guard told us he went to the jail and gave us directions.

While approaching the jail house, we could hear the mad man screaming to bloody hell. It rather reminded me of a Wynn concert but apparently it was much worse, according to the others.

Wynn and Bell were very upset by the sound and charged ahead, wanted to get the shouting to stop.

When the rest of us got there, the mad man was speaking about how he wanted Wynn to teach him his musical talent (which confirmed my suspicions that the man in jail was mad). Wynn told him that in order to learn how to sing, he must never sing again. Then my daughter, in her infinite wisdom {sarcasm, of course} told the man he could play drums.

Well, the man took that to heart, and started smacking thin air. However, unlike regular air drums, these air drums made sound. Suddenly I realized he was in affect “calling” drums, which magically appeared in front of him. At that point, the two guard who were guarding him became entranced. Their eyes started to shift in colors and they started mumbling about the sleeper must awaken. At the same time two spiders, which were also in shifting colors, grew to the size of dogs all attacked us.

Octavius tried to use his book as a weapon. Someone should have told him, while books are wonderful weapons on spiders, these particular spiders might be immune to the books awesome power. He was quickly taken down, leaving little old me to get attacked by one of the guards while my Bell wacked on the other spider.

I didn’t want to attack a potentially good guard, so I focused my fire power on the spider chewing on Octavius. Bell focused on the other spider while Wynn, Lawny, and Helja beat on the drummer. Luckily they knocked him out, which sent the spiders crawling back and snapped the guards back to normal. When the mad man regain consciousness, he confirmed his identity as Larson, the guard of the warehouse. He was attacked while he was on watch. All he remembers after that was being tied up in a room where men were talking about testing a “new batch”. We rested for a bit and then headed out to the fair. We immediately told the guards about what happened, but they weren’t able to lend much aid due to the festival.

On a side note, we need to keep an eye on this guard. He seems to have some sort of vendetta against pointy eared folk.

While I was walking through the art stands, I noticed one particular stand was selling oil paintings. While looking at the paintings I noticed some of the paintings actually moved their heads to watch people passing by. At the same time, Wynn noticed a juice merchant who wasn’t paying much attention and was actually handing incorrect change in his absent mindedness. Wynn decided to confront the Moon Elf who owned the paint stand while Lawny and Octavius decided to stay back to see what the Juice Stand Guy would do.

The painter, Latario, was defensive and wouldn’t say where he got the paint from, so Bell came over to intimidate him. This caused him to back away and knock over some paint, causing it to spill, which also caused a whole bunch of paintings and brushes to come alive and the paint that the artist spilled to become a giant paint monster.

I quickly jumped into the fray and casted fire against the paintings while Wynn and Bell went to work on the new paint monsters.

As the events unfolded in the paint stand, Octavius and Lawny kept an eye on the juice stand merchant. The juice stand guy took quick notice of the unfolding events, and they could tell his was loving every minute of it. The merchant then decided to leave.

Lawny and Octavius decided to follow him, but they were too far behind to catch up to him. Octavius decided to try throwing LAWNY at the merchant. According to Lawny (who has a flare for theatrics) she sprouted wings as Octavius threw her and she flew into the juice stand guy, knocking him out.

Meanwhile, back at the paint stand, the skirmish didn’t go without flaws. At one point I got knocked out. Luckily Helja prayed to Frigga to get my life back. I spent the rest of the battle face down in paint throwing poison spells at random things. However, we finally did get to point where the paint monster finally fell.

When we talked to the Latario after the fight, he was grateful for us rescuing him. He told us in a past life, we was an adventurer as well. He was kind enough to give us some of his spoils. Included were a potion of slipperiness, a potion of growth, a potion of water breathing and an elemental gem which contained a water elemental. In addition we offered to give each of us a painting.

When all was said and done, Wynn and Bell went on interrogating the guy. He was resistant and first, but after some nice “good cop, bad cop” routine, they got the guy to confess. Most importantly, he said that he was supposed to meet a man named Chello at a specific place that night.

After much discussion and some potion buying, we decided to confront this Chello. Helja downed a Potion of Growth and Bell used a Potion of Slipperiness, and we snuck behind the house, and rushed it. Within second we surrounded the leader and had his head copped off. It wasn’t long before the rest of the household was taken down. We captured two humans in the house, but they were too lowly to get any more information from. (Note to self, keep Bell from people who may have information we need to extract).

After all was settled, Octavious was interested on my magical ability. Apparently I am the only wizard he has ever seen who can cast the way I have. He was very interested in learning under my tutelage.

xs-1216-05-18 Vall Diary Entry 1

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