xt-1216-07-01 Kale journal entry

We all individually received a note inviting us to the estate of Sarinai. We meet up and head to the estate, which is in disrepair. Upon getting there and knocking at the entrance, it takes a very long time for an old servant to answer; the servant is also in serious disrepair. We were invited by Marta, a noble we rescued about a month ago.

The Sarinai family wants us to search for Ernesto, their missing son. He had a falling out with the family over the families fall from grace with nobility. He has a friend named Giotto and a girlfriend named Liviana; she hangs out at the Smelly Jackle, a tavern her parents own. Ernesto’s family do not like Liviana, probably because she is not nobility.

As we go to leave the estate to start our search, the maid calls us aside and says that the son is not the saint the family makes him out to be. She hands us a bag of drugs that she says Giotto gave him; she says Giotto is a bad influence but Liviana is a good girl.

We head off to the Smelly Jackle and there is a thuggish looking gang outside the front door. One thug gets in Rosa’s face with his dagger after her little mage hand stunt to catch the dagger. I threaten to fire on the thug unless he backs off. The situation defuses and Aida asks the thug if he knows of Giotto. He hints that he does but will not give up any info, even when offered a gold coin.

We enter the Tavern and ask a barmaid where we can find Liviana. She points to the backdoor saying she just left on for a brake. We exit the tavern out the same back door to an alley and immediately hear a woman’s scream. We kill several thugs and run off several more. Aida knocks one unconscious. Liviana takes us into a private crawl space in the upper story of her parent’s tavern. She shares that Giotto and his gang are pushing a drug called Dreamdust (DD), that causes hilucinations and visions. She said the last she saw Ernesto was on Monday morning blabbering about a vision of the old estate down at the south side of town and if he could find this estate he could revive his family’s fortune. She mentions a journal that Ernesto was taking notes in. She also said Giotto could be found at the Happy Witch.

Next we interrogated the thug we captured. He says that Giotto has the gang doing work for a Cult, which worships a sleeping god under the mountain. He says he is supposed to meet Giotto at the marketplace soon.

We head to the marketplace, spread out and plan a trap. Giotto sees Kale trying to stealthily follow him and Giotto takes off running. We follow him to a warehouse where there are many of Giotto’s thugs waiting. After defeating all the thugs and capturing Giotto. We find Ernesto’s journal on Giotto with a map to the estate Ernesto is looking for. Giotto confirms that he is having his gang push DD per a contact from the Cult.

In the warehouse we found 6 healing potions, 1 potion of enlarge, water breathing, oil of slippyness, and 25g each.

We use the map in the journal to head to the estate and find a human size bunny standing on two feet, holding a carrot and singing badly. Rosa asks if that is Ernesto and the bunny says he was Ernesto but now he is the bunny; he is worshiping what he thinks is a great carrot but it is instead a turd. Ernesto summons veggie plants and they attack the group. After defeating the veggies, the Great Bunny falls out of the tree falling asleep and Olaf captures him. The bunny turns back into Ernesto, a 16 year old boy. We search the rest of the ruins and find at the base of the tree an elemental gem, which we keep.

We return Ernesto to the Sarinai manor and the family gives us each a 50gp gem, plus they hand over a +1 Shortsword, which is best used by Aida. They also give us a map to an estate (dungeon crawl) which they think will have quite a bit of treasure.

xt-1216-07-01 Kale journal entry

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