Yule is a 12 night celebration of the new year from Dec 20-31. Captain Blake has asked that the group provide extra security, in addition it is an opportunity for Wyn to talk to Dean Camilia.

On the night of December 20, the god Freyr rides over the earth on the back of his shining boar, bringing Light and Love back into the World.

During this festival, the Wild Hunt is at its greatest fervor, and the dead are said to range the Earth in its retinue. Odin is the leader of this Wild Ride; charging across the sky on his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. NOTE: this is the only time of year that Odin leads the wild hunt, normally that job falls to Herne the Hunter, the Horned God (various Sidhe lead it at different times).

Children would leave their boots out by the hearth on Solstice Eve, filled with hay and sugar, for Sleipnir’s journey. In return, Wotan would leave them a gift for their kindness.

Normally the Wild Hunt is lead by the Sidhe and the Huntmaster, this is the one time of year that Odin leads the hunt.


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