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Cosatoria is a region in the world of Thraes.   South of the Petarin Islands and west of the Thunder mountains, Cosatoria varies from near-jungle conditions on the coasts to scrubland desert and semi-arid grassland in the interior with heavy forest in the east.

The kingdoms of Cosatoria were at one time the center of the proud Emorian empire that controlled most of the western continent half a millenia ago.  The days of the empire are long gone and the region is now a collection of small kingdoms and city states.

While certain areas held their own during the god war, civilization nearly collapsed in Cosatoria. With the war over, certain areas are starting to bounce back but it may be a generation or more before the kingdom rebuilds itself.  

The kingdoms are perpetually warring with one another, although Lord Regnus of Julisco claims to be a reborn emperor and is claiming that his city is once more the capital of the Emorian empire.  However, this is not the first time someone has made such a claim.

Major Points of Interest


A major city/state in northwest of the kingdom. One of the few areas that survived virtually intact over the past century, it is starting to become a center for trade and commerce.


In the center of the kingdom, situated at the fork of the Arga River, it is a center of trade and agriculture.  With trade with miners in the Bone Hills to the east, land routes from Nelshat to the south and river trade the town is booming.  During the rainy season, the north and south branches of the Arga have enough water to bring goods down but during the rest of the year only the lower Arga is navigable (and even then the lower Arga sometimes is low enough to not allow much traffic).

The Bone Hills

Located in the eastern heart of Cosatoria are legendary as a cursed land. According to legend, the Bone Hills were formed when Thor defeated the giant Gungindran and threw his bones down to earth. This was both a blessing and a curse since the giant was wearing armor heavy with iron, silver, gold and other exotic metals. But it is a curse because the hills still hold the remains of his evil. Other legends state that so many wars have been fought over the area that the blood has soaked into the ground, the land itself has grown to like the taste of blood and will never be quenched. Whether the legends are true or not, the area is rich in minerals and undead. Indeed, in certain areas if the dead are left unburied on unconsecrated ground they will rise as undead within a day. Because of this, cremation is common.

Other Cities

Most of the other cities are either situated along the Arga river or the coastal regions.  
Nelshat, Caldes, Barra and Terlan are in the south.  Liberi and Tasero on the west coast with  Thuras, Cetona and Venzone are in the north.  Other cities in the center of the continent are Marcon and Faedis with Kirduhn the dwarven keep set in the Bone Hills.


As noted in the House Rules, you can play any of the major races presented in the PHB with the exception of Drow and Dragonborn.

Cosatoria is largely dominated by humans but other races also have a significant presence.

Dwarves will likely come from Kirduhn, the major dwarven keep in the Bone Hills.

High Elves are fairly rare in Cosatoria, but many refugees from the High Forest had relocated here, fleeing the chaos they saw in their homeland, or have settled in the far eastern portion of Cosatoria.

Wood Elves are usually from the nomadic elven tribes that call the savanna and desert of Cosatoria their home, the Selsurra (roughly translates to children of the windy plain).  The Selsurra normally have little to do with human settlements if they can avoid it.

Gnomes, Halflings and Half-Orcs live in human settlements and can be found throughout the region, there are no areas in Cosatoria dominated by these races.

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